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Sea buckthorn - one of the most researched plants in the world

Countries currently carrying out research include the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Romania, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Italy, China, India, Nepal and Canada.

The findings of some of this research can be found in three works edited by Virendra Singh, one of the world's leading authorities on sea buckthorn: Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae L.) Vols I, II & III.


Cultivation and harvesting

Another important publication, geared somewhat more towards the practicalities of cultivation and harvesting, is: Sea Buckthorn: A New Medicinal and Nutritional Botanical by Thomas S. C. Li and Thomas H. J. Beveridge.

This work is available in pdf form: Sea Buckthorn: A New Medicinal and Nutritional Botanical


Recent sea buckthorn trials in Europe

German-Estonian sea buckthorn trials (Dr. Rolf Hornig, Dr. Friedrich Höhne and Madli Jalakas, 22.1 MB)


International conferences on sea buckthorn

Proceedings of the 3rd International Sea Buckthorn Conference (Quebec, Canada, 12-16 August 2007, 14.6 MB)