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Named cultivars of sea buckthorn can only be propogated by cutting. Fruiting cultivars are female-only varieties. In order to produce berries, pollen-producing (male) cultivars must also be planted. Named cultivars can be sourced from specialist nurseries.

Plants grown from seed will be a random mix of male and female plants. The female plants will produce some berries, but not of the same quality as the cultivated varieties.

Sea buckthorn is a very adaptable plant and tolerant of a wide range of soils. It does however require good drainage so waterlogged soils are unsuitable. While sea buckthorn appears to do best in soils with a pH of 6.0-7.0, it can tolerate a pH as low as 5.5 and as high as 8.3.

For optimum berry production, sea buckthorn should be planted in rows 3.0-5.0 metres apart, with individual plants spaced at 1.0-2.0 metres within rows. Approximately 10-20 percent of plants should be male. There is some evidence that nutrient content of berries is higher when the plants are grown in harsh environments.

Berry production begins at about the third or fourth year, increasing rapidly each successive year.

For advice on suppliers of named cultivars, please contact us by email.